Targeted Individuals experiences varies in different cities

Several TI's have tweeted on their experiences of being a TI in different cities. Some targeted individuals have stated that harassment is intensified in certain region of the state; other dichotomy of state, people were a lot more friendly and positive. Interesting perspective, as some private government contractor may live in certain city or smaller … Continue reading Targeted Individuals experiences varies in different cities

Life experiences is a teacher

David Attenborough said," humans have overrun the planet", in terms of deleterious process of ecosystem and climate changes. Considering, billions of government taxpayer's has been squandered by shadow government in overused car fuel's of nitrogen dioxide; being released at an colossal levels in organized gangstalking. Excessive nitrogen dioxide is detrimental to the atmosphere and environment. … Continue reading Life experiences is a teacher

The future of brain implants

There has been some films, which has revealed the nuances of biosynthetic materials in correlation to computer chips. Likewise, how certain segments of the general populace have succumbed to brain implants. Electronic chip is inserted to the cerebral cortex. Its like an quasi half human and half machine type of experiment. The shadow elements of … Continue reading The future of brain implants

Progress of TI activism

TI activism is incrementally showing some impact in terms of acknowledgement by some non TI professionals. For instance, certain independent news organization with investigative journalist have written an article of bombardment of targeted individuals complaints in behalf of EU Coalition against Cybertorture. However, some of these sites generates more than 300,000 in site traffic from … Continue reading Progress of TI activism

Building Support Network For Targeted Individuals

We live in society, that is evermore divided and isolated. Currently, we are seeing social contact is being prohibited with punitive measures of lockdown restrictions. Nevertheless, the purpose of organized gangstalking is designed to divide and isolate targeted individuals. So, its imperative to build support network ; whether visible or underground level. Each TI have … Continue reading Building Support Network For Targeted Individuals

Professional ideas for targeted individuals

Starting a magazine with digital version could be a formal way of raising awareness. Also, there are many targeted individuals with valuable skills; which has been gained from former employment or business experience. However, there could be graphic designers, writers and editors that can organize and compile an professional magazine's and leaflets.Different pages could be … Continue reading Professional ideas for targeted individuals

The impact of raising awareness as targeted individuals

Every genuine targeted individuals that raises awareness through different communication channels will have different levels of impact. Metaphorically, one TI could boost 1% impact; another TI could generate 5% impact in terms of mitigation of the severity of illegal harassment. However, the lifelong non consensual experimentation, conducted by those in the shadows of our government; … Continue reading The impact of raising awareness as targeted individuals

Covert Surveillance Strategies for targeted individuals

There are many covert surveillance equipment , which can be bought for tracking and being cognizant for noise harassment or any harassment with low budget. Although, we are fighting against a bigger opposition with deeper pockets of government's taxpayer's budget. We can only win small battles, that is possible to conquer. For instance, when I … Continue reading Covert Surveillance Strategies for targeted individuals

Shielding strategies ( For TI’s)

Sometimes, the basic shielding is to remain positive; irrespectively of organized gangstalking's negativity. Positive energy eclipse negativity; bad energy can be deflected by higher vibration. Likewise, former CIA operative Dr Robert Duncan emphasis on surrounding yourself with positive people. Moreover, to combat and diffuse the effects of sound weapon and EEG cloning; can simply listen … Continue reading Shielding strategies ( For TI’s)